How many shops do you have?
We currently have over 1,671 shops around the UK.Back to top
What are your biggest selling lines?
Our best seller is the nation’s favourite bakery product, the Greggs sausage roll, selling approximately 140 million each year, which our customers love!
We are the market leader in the sale of freshly baked savouries, and our savoury and sandwich ranges account for about two thirds of our business.
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Who are your main competitors?
We compete with everyone who sells bakery products and food on the go, from supermarkets to other bakers, coffee shops, sandwich retailers and fast food outlets. We compete with the national multiple chains as well as the independent food retailers. Back to top
What makes Greggs different from your competitors?
What sets us apart from our competitors is our ‘wheat to eat’ proposition, making and baking the majority of our products ourselves and selling them through our own shops. By owning the entire process we can offer our customers fantastic quality, fresh bakery food at great value prices.
The other thing that makes Greggs distinct is that we are a company that cares, and Greggs has been genuinely doing lots of good work in local communities. The Greggs Foundation, founded 26 years ago by Ian Gregg, has raised over £20million for local people; our Breakfast Club scheme gives over 10,000 primary school children in deprived areas a free, healthy breakfast each day; and our phenomenally successful fundraising for BBC Children in Need, has raised over £4million in the last 5 years. It is the commitment and passion of Greggs people not only to the products we bake and sell but also Our Values and doing the right thing for our local communities that really sets us apart.
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Is Greggs a fast food outlet?
No – we are not fast food, we are fast service. We are a bakers and our bakery food takes time and great care to produce, with all the expertise you would expect from a company that has been baking since 1939. Our food is well prepared and we make all our sandwiches fresh in our shops each day from bread we bake ourselves, delivered daily to our shops. We bake our savouries fresh in our shops each day, little and often, to give our customers the best quality product. We pride ourselves on fast service for our customers, but our baking means we do not consider ourselves to be fast food.Back to top
Is there any seasonal bias in your business?
Sales are spread relatively evenly, but there are peak seasonal trading times such as Hallowe’en, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter, when we introduce time-limited seasonal ranges. For example, at Christmas we sell Festive Bakes, tender Pieces of Chicken with Stuffing and Sweet Cure Bacon in a Creamy Sage Sauce and Cranberry and Red Onion Relish encased in a Lattice Pastry Case. This seasonal savoury is becoming a cult favouris with customers and even had its own Facebook following!Back to top
Do you make products for anyone else?
We now supply a frozen savoury bake at home range in over 750 Iceland frozen food stores. We focus mainly on baking products for our own shops. We buy in only a few lines such as drinks and crisps.Back to top
What are the main things that affect your business?
Probably the biggest influencing factor on our business is the weather, which impacts us in the same way that the weather affects many high street retailers. For example, in extreme cold or extreme wet weather, footfall on the high street tends to be lower, which impacts us. Very hot weather during the summer can limit demand for our savouries, but that then gives rise to more demand for our other ranges such as sandwiches and cold drinks. Similarly, in winter, demand for our savouries tends to increase and we have introduced new lines such as hot freshly ground coffee and hot soup to give our customers more choice. Back to top
How is Greggs faring in the Recession?
The recession has been challenging for many retailers. Greggs already had a great reputation for quality food at great value prices, so we were well positioned for the recession and have seen positive sales growth in our sandwich, savoury and drinks ranges. In particular, where we have introduced lower price offers, such as the meal deals, we have maintained our appeal to customers who continue to seek out value and want their money to stretch further but who aren’t prepared to compromise on quality. Our hot drinks sales have increased, in part because we are more than 35% cheaper than the national coffee chains, but still use freshly ground coffee beans and therefore offer the same quality product at a much lower price. Back to top
What are the key financial characteristics of the business?
We generate a very strong cash flow and have a strong balance sheet, which enables us to fund investment in our shops and bakeries, from our own resources, without having to borrow money.Back to top
What is your dividend policy?
We are committed to a progressive dividend policy that provides our shareholders with increases in their income broadly in line with the growth of earnings per share over the medium term. Back to top
Does Greggs offer Sponsorship?
Greggs focuses its community activities through the Greggs Foundation, a registered charity, which aims to assist the most disadvantaged people in areas where we trade. We do not tend to offer sponsorship to individuals for specific events such as sporting events, for example, however the Greggs Foundation team will be able to advise you on criteria for receipt of grants/donations.Back to top
Do you offer franchises for Greggs shops?
We have recently set up a franchise arrangement with MOTO Motorway Services, to open 30 Greggs shops at their sites around the U.K. as a franchise.

This is exclusive to MOTO and we do not offer franchise opportunities to individuals at this time.Back to top





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