At a Glance

We are dedicated to becoming the customers favourite for food on the go.

We've come a long way since we started out 80 years ago, and it's time for us to celebrate who we are today - a modern food-on-the-go brand that stands for so much more than sausage rolls! 

Having spent the past five years investing in our business, we’re tastier than ever and excited about what the future holds for our brand in the dynamic food-to-go market.

We’re well positioned to become the customers’ favourite for food-on-the-go, because put simply: We offer good, honest food that our customers can trust, at affordable prices!

A lot has changed in the past five years…

Our transformation from bakery to food-on-the-go began in 2013, and the process of creating a centralised, fully integrated business capable of supporting 2,500 shops is nearing completion, with just two years left to go. Whilst this has required a once-in-a-generation level of capital investment and business change, it has already delivered results and helped our customers realise we’re so much more than sausage rolls!

The result - a resilient brand, better able to cope with an unpredictable retail environment and economic uncertainty. 


Business Model