AGM Details

Every company is required by law to hold an Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’) of its shareholders each year. 

As a shareholder, you are normally entitled to attend, ask questions and vote on various company matters at the AGM. However, under the Stay At Home measures introduced by UK Government on 23 March 2020, public gatherings of more than two people are not permitted; therefore the AGM in 2020 will be held in the physical presence of the Finance Director and the Company Secretary only. 

As set out in the Notice of AGM, we urge all shareholders who wish to vote to do so by proxy and to appoint the Chair of the meeting as their proxy for this purpose. For our private shareholders you can register your proxy vote online at Please refer to note 8 on page 5 of the Notice of AGM for more information.

Should any arrangements for the AGM change, we will make an announcement via the Regulatory News Service. You can register to receive notification when announcements are released here.

In the circumstanes we would still like to understand the themes and issues of concern to you as shareholders. You may contact the Company throughout the year by emailing or by writing to:

 Greggs plc

Greggs House
Quorum Business Park
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE12 8BU