Greggs Achieves Tier 3 Rating in the 2015 BBFAW Report

We are proud to announce that our rating has moved from Tier 5 to Tier 3 in the 2015 Business Benchmark Farm on Animal Welfare (BBFAW) report.


Our Tier 3 rating highlights that we are making good progress, particularly in management commitment, policy, governance and performance monitoring.


The Business Benchmark provides Greggs, and our peers, with a practical and respected framework, against which we can assess our progress and feedback provides us with key areas of focus to help improve the animal welfare standards for the materials that we purchase, ultimately driving positive change across our supply chain.


Malcolm Copland, Commercial Director at Greggs said: “Our vision is to be a winning brand in the food-on-the-go market, whilst also being a responsible business.


“Farm animal welfare remains a priority for Greggs, being consistent with our values and ‘doing the right thing’ when it comes to ethical sourcing and avoiding the abuse or exploitation of animals. We are proud to be recognised for our dedicated and continued efforts to improve the social, environmentally sustainable and ethical qualities of our products.”