Greggs Foundation’s Tackling Health programme to be rolled out UK-wide in partnership with Premiership Rugby

In recent years Greggs has made great progress on customer health by introducing more Balanced Choice options to our product range and ensuring that clear nutritional information is available to our customers.  We’re committed to supporting the Government’s Childhood Obesity Plan and all know how important it is that we encourage healthier food-on-the-go choices.  In this context we are delighted to announce the roll out of Greggs Foundation’s Tackling Health Programme.


Tackling Health is an interactive education programme designed to help teachers and parents prevent the `obesity epidemic’ among children in England’s primary schools, where one in three children leave primary school overweight.


Designed to educational and dietary standards set by Public Health England it will be delivered to 30,000 children across England over the next 2 years by Premiership Rugby clubs - free of charge thanks to funding from Greggs Foundation.


“Tackling Health is an interactive project for children aged seven and eight, which takes a holistic approach to teaching children about their own health, wellbeing and about leading a healthy lifestyle,” said Wayne Morris, Community and Corporate Responsibility Director, Premiership Rugby.


“Evidence suggests that as they go through primary school obesity becomes a bigger issue. By targeting children in Year 3 and 4, we’re hoping to embed good eating and activity habits before bad habits set in.”


Tracy Lynch, Greggs Foundation Manager, added: “Greggs Foundation has a long standing history of making a difference in the communities that Greggs operates. Tackling Health is a fantastic example of how collaborative action can achieve and sustain positive long-lasting impact.


“We are delighted that what started out as a local programme delivered in just 15 of our Breakfast Club schools in the northeast with Newcastle Falcons has become a nationwide project, which thanks to the support of Premiership Rugby will offer thousands of children the opportunity to learn more about making healthier food choices and get active through playing tag rugby.


“The fact it is supported by Public Health England, who Greggs have been working closely with on its customer health journey, adds real value - it has never been more important to support young people to lead healthier, more active lives and we are extremely proud to be doing our part.”


Morris commented: “It felt it was time we stood up and tried to use our skills and assets to address this obesity time bomb. If we can help teachers, parents and kids improve their understanding of food and diet and also to build more activity and sport into their lives, we will have done something important.


“Tackling Health is a great partnership with the Greggs Foundation, which has a great history of delivering Breakfast Clubs at primary schools all across the country. Premiership Rugby also has a great history of making learning in a school environment fun for young people and when you put those two things together you get a fantastic programme like Tackling Health. It’s really going to make a difference to 30,000 young people across the country, improving their physical activity and their healthy eating.”


Tackling Health is one of a number of programmes which Premiership Rugby clubs run across England to tackle the health, education or inactivity problems which the country faces. These are all part of its strategy to improve the lives of people, especially young people in England. The plan is known as ‘A Plan to Improve A Million Lives’.


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