Milestone for Greggs' Breakfast Club Programme


The Greggs Foundation , a registered charity closely associated with Greggs plc, recently celebrated a major milestone for its Breakfast Club Programme –  which ensures more than 15,000 schoolchildren across the UK have a nutritious breakfast each day – with a VIP launch event for its 250th club  at Woodstock Primary School in Leicester.

The scheme started back in 1999 when Mike Darrington, Greggs Chief Executive at the time, saw the model in action during a BITC organised “seeing is believing” visit to a primary school breakfast club in a disadvantaged area of Newcastle.   Greggs’ Chief Executive Roger Whiteside and Finance Director Richard Hutton will also be in attendance at this special occasion and look forward to playing a game or two of tag rugby led by Wooden Spoon – the children’s charity of rugby.

Stephen Howard, Chief Executive of Business in the Community commented: “The Greggs Foundation Breakfast Club programme has gone from strength to strength since 1999. Its growth is a powerful example of the impact of bringing chief executives face to face with pressing issues in our communities. Business in the Community is proud to have inspired the development of such a worthwhile programme.”

The Greggs Foundation Breakfast Club scheme helps to provide thousands of children, and particularly those who may not ordinarily eat breakfast, with a nutritious start to their busy school day.  Our Breakfast Club teams, made up of mainly school staff and parent volunteers, serve over four million slices of toast to over 14,000 children, each year. By using volunteers and securing funding from a range of partners the Greggs Foundation ensures that breakfast clubs are set up and managed free of charge to ensure all children can attend.

Roger Whiteside, Greggs Chief Executive, commented: “From its humble beginnings as a single club supported by Greggs in the North East, to a national programme supported by 42 private partners the Greggs Foundation’s Breakfast Club Programme is a shining example of how responsible businesses can make a difference to the local communities in which they operate.  Our commitment to this scheme is deep rooted and I would like to take this opportunity to both thank our existing partners and encourage prospective partners to get involved as we expand to 300 clubs by the end of the year.”

Research has found that pupils who have eaten breakfast are more punctual and have better concentration in class, as well as more energy and enthusiasm. This has led to improvements in overall academic performance and has made a real difference to children’s learning. 

Elizabeth Lambert, Head teacher at Woodstock Primary School, said: “We are extremely grateful for everything Greggs and its partner are doing for our school.  Their support means that we are able to provide the best possible start to each school day. Having a hearty breakfast really does make a difference to the children’s energy levels and therefore enthusiasm for learning. ”

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