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Our people are what makes our business successful. We aim to provide them with a great place to work, where they feel valued. Our values commit us to being friendly, inclusive, honest, respectful, hard-working and appreciative.

At Greggs, it’s our culture and values that set us apart. And while summarising our unique culture ‘Being Greggs` is no easy task, simply put - we love what we do, we have fun and we welcome everyone. We're hard-working, but above all else we're family; and it doesn't matter who you are, where you're from or what your favourite bake is... once you walk into one of our shops, you're family too.


We believe in equality, diversity and inclusion

We want everyone to feel welcomed at Greggs and our colleagues to able to be themselves at work, whatever their background, preferences, or views. We also want to make sure there are no barriers that might stop anyone from growing a successful career with us. We know that being a diverse business is critical to our future growth.


National Equality Standard

We signed up to the National Equality Standard (NES) in 2017 and renewed our commitment in 2020. The NES was developed by EY in partnership with 18 other UK and global organisations and the Equality and Human Rights Commission, it is supported by the Home Office and Confederation of British Industry and seeks to provide organisations with a comprehensive insight into Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) within their operations.


Rewarding our colleagues

We pay all of our people more than the National Living Wage (not just those over the age of 25). We share ten per cent of our profits with employees and in 2019, Greggs colleagues earned a record piece of the profit share pie – and a surprise thank you payment for delivering our best year yet.

We invite our people to join the Greggs Share Incentive Plan, letting them reinvest their profit share into Greggs shares as well as an annual share save plan, allowing them to save money to buy Greggs shares at a discount.


Development and training

We have created a Career Pathways Programme to support the development and training of our brilliant people. We listen to our people and have developed channels for them to provide feedback including employee suggestion scheme 'Your Ideas Matter' and our annual Employee Opinion Survey.


Giving people a 'fresh start'

We’ve a long-standing history of working with people from disadvantaged backgrounds, including ex-offenders. At Greggs, we believe that by not overlooking any potential employees because of their past, we can select the right person and develop them to their full potential. The passion and energy for work that comes from people who are given an opportunity to kick-start their careers, or to turn their lives around is clear for all to see and as a business, we feel extremely motivated to do all we can to give these people a ‘fresh start’.

Our dedicated programme, ‘Fresh Start’, offers support to the many people who find gaining employment through conventional routes more difficult. Fundamentally the programme aims to help break the cycle of re-offending by demonstrating that ex-offenders can play a meaningful role within business. We believe our programme addresses societal issues such as high unemployment and re-offending rates. Our 'Fresh Start' programme has been recognised as an example of best practice by BITC, the Ministry of Justice and CBI.

Through the Fresh Start programme, which began in 2012, we have supported (interviewed/worked with) 2,000 individuals with previous convictions. We have employed one hundred people and of those, 32% now hold some form of a Management role.

If you would like any more information, or to find out how you could get a 'fresh start' with Greggs, please get in touch at:


Working in partnership with Forces Families

We recognise the value of serving personnel, reservists, veterans and military families by working alongside Forces Families to offer sustainable employment within Greggs.


Health and Safety Standards

For more information on our approach to health and safety click here