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As passionate as we are about the quality of everything that goes out on our shelves every day, our social responsibility is at the heart of everything we do.

For us, being part of Greggs means being friendly, inclusive, honest, respectful, hard-working and appreciative. This is our underlying ethos, and we live this through all of our people, operations and partnerships. 

We want to ensure that our suppliers live up to our values and standards and share that responsibility.  In turn, Suppliers are expected to seek to develop relationships within their own Supply Chains consistent with the principles set out in the Greggs Supplier Code of Conduct.

Read about our Responsible Sourcing policy in full here.


You know us well enough by now to know that what you see, is what you get.  We always want to be open, honest and transparent with our customers about what goes into our products. So, if you fancy a bit of food for thought, here’s some of the things we do behind the scenes to make sure we’re always doing the right thing.  



Working with responsible suppliers 

We’ll only work with suppliers who source their goods from farms accredited with these schemes: Red Tractor, GLOBAL G.A.P (Good Agricultural Practice) and Vegaplan. After all, it’s important to us that we’re considerate of our impact on the environment, all the way through our supply chain and back to farm. 

Read more about this here. 



In 2021, we’re celebrating our fantastic 16 year commitment to Fairtrade Coffee. In that time, Greggs have contributed over £4.4 million in Fairtrade Premium, supporting farmers who are facing many challenges — from record low market prices to the negative effects of climate change. That money goes directly to farmers to invest in their communities, grow their businesses and produce high-quality products such as coffee, tea, fruit juice and chocolate. 

Read more about this here. 


Animal Welfare 

One of our top business priorities is to make sure that any animals reared for Greggs receive the best possible care, free from abuse and/or exploitation. We work closely together with the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW), being one of the few businesses in our industry to have maintained a Tier 2 with them for the fourth year running.  

Read more about this here.



When it comes to the chicken we use in our sandwiches and bakes, we know that chickens that are cared for produce meat that is higher quality and more flavoursome.  That’s why we’ve signed the Better Chicken Commitment. We intend to make sure our Chickens have plenty of space to run around and do their thing, with enough natural light, and without any cages providing them with higher welfare standards.  

Read more about this here. 



All of our whole shell eggs and liquid eggs are from Free Range Hens and we’re proud owners of a Compassion in World Farming's Good Egg award. To date, more than 30 million laying hens are set to benefit each year from the policies of award winners. 



Our Tuna is sustainably sourced from Suppliers which helps us to have confidence that no other marine life is harmed during the fishing process.  

Read more about this here. 


Palm Oil 

Palm Oil is versatile, derived from a plant that is considered the most land-use efficient of its type. However, it has long been linked to deforestation, contributing to water pollution, biodiversity loss, and lots of other nasty stuff. We know this concerns a lot of you, and rightly so.  That’s why we’re committed members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), which looks to minimize the negative impact of palm oil cultivation on the environments and communities in which it’s sourced. We only ever use 100% Sustainable Palm Oil in our products and by 2025 we're aiming for it to be fully segregated to prove it.  

Read more about this here. 



Plastic reduction is a concern for consumers and industries alike, and this is no different to all of us here at Greggs. As part of our plastic reduction strategy one project we recently worked on was removing all the lifting papers from our sweet products, helping us to remove around 27 tonnes of plastic from our operations. Sometimes it isn’t possible to completely replace plastic and where this is the case we work with our suppliers to ensure as much recycled material can be used as possible. 

Naturally, as we begin to remove plastic from the business, we become more reliant on the use of more sustainable materials like paper and cardboard.  We only ever source these from The Forest Stewardship Council and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, who are responsible for looking after sustainable forest management. 

Read more about this here. 



Keeping a fair relationship with our commercial partners 

Here at Greggs, we’re a friendly bunch. We encourage our colleagues to be enthusiastic, honest and to treat each other with respect, and this stretches beyond our internal teams into all of our external relationships. As part of this, we’re committed to treating our suppliers fairly and lawfully, not delaying any payments, and working collaboratively for mutual benefit.   

Read more about this here. 

Responsible Sourcing - Deforestation

We know we have a responsibility to make sure we do right by the communities we live and work in.  Our ingredients are sourced from a range of countries, and we take action to prevent deforestation and its impact on local communities.

Forests and other natural ecosystems don't just provide us with ingredients for our products - they provide critical habitats, biodiversity benefits, support livelihoods, and are an important store of carbon.

Read more about this here. 

Modern Slavery 

Everyone deserves the right to live and work with dignity and respect. It’s important to us that this ethos is applied not only to our own colleagues, but also the employees of our suppliers, business partners, and wider supply chain. 

As you can imagine, Greggs does not tolerate any form of slavery, forced labour or human trafficking. This applies whether directly within our own business or within the operations and activities of our commercial partners.  

Read more about this here.  


Ethical Behaviour - Our commitment

Greggs is listed on the Corporate Ethics Register of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply.  This demonstrates that, over the past year, we have taken proactive steps to safeguard against unethical conduct in procurement and supply management. 

Read more about this here.



As a Responsible Business, Greggs are happy to support small Suppliers to give them flexibility and cash flow to help run a successful business, therefore all suppliers with less than 50 employees will be given reduced payment terms of 30 days.