Social Responsibility

We want our business to have a positive impact on people's lives our teams, customers, suppliers and local communities.

Behind the golden puff pastry and freshly made sandwiches, we’ve always been committed to doing the right thing. 

Way back in the sixties we started with our free pie ‘n’ peas supper for older residents in the North East. Today, we’re just as keen for Greggs to have a positive impact on people’s lives. With ambitions to grow to over 2,000 shops nationwide and ownership of our supply chain, we are committed to making good, freshly prepared food accessible to everyone while also minimising our impact on the environment.

Our Social Responsibility Programme has five areas of focus, with a clear commitment against each one. These commitments are delivered through a series of projects with measurable targets. This helps us to focus on the important things and ensure we do business in a way that brings benefits to people who shop with us, work for us, supply us, or live near us.

Our Social Responsibility Steering group is led by our CEO and each area of focus is led in turn by a member of our Executive Board with the support of key subject matter experts. 

Although these ambitions are championed separately they are fully embedded into the core strategic pillars of our business plan, ensuring we run our business in line with our purpose and social responsibility commitments.


Our Priorities

Our five areas of focus are outlined below: