Sharing our skills with the local community

We enable all managers to devote one day each year to volunteering.  As a result, in 2015 our people gave over 500 days of time to benefit local charities and organisations, many deploying their professional skills to the befit of the charitable groups.  For instance, our supply chain team volunteered at a food bank in Newcastle and improved production and organisation in its warehouse.  In 2016, we plan to make more of our volunteering days skills-based, by sharing our expertise in areas like accounting, marketing, planning, adminstration, legal and operations.

As part of this drive to share our skills with the wider community, we support the Business in the Community 'Business Connector' initiative.  Business Connectors are selected team members who undertake a long-term secondment from Greggs and are tasked with creating a sustainable bridge between businesses and community organisations in a particular area.  The programme supports our people's skill development while harnessing their expertise and energy to tackle local challanges.

Work inclusion