We aim to use energy efficiently and minimise waste…

…because we know climate change is a real threat and we want to do our bit to reduce environmental impact from our operations.

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Our commitment to plastic reduction

We love that our Customers care about the environment, and so do we. That’s why we’re committed to doing all we can to reduce the use of plastic in our business.

At Greggs, because we make most of our products ourselves, it means we have a natural advantage to reduce plastics as we can control the way they reach our shops. We make most of our packaging easy to recycle and have separation processes behind the scenes to support recycling. We’ll still use plastic where it makes sense, but we have started to introduce some new initiatives which will really help us to reduce single use plastic at Greggs. For example, we’re replacing plastic bags with paper and wooden cutlery in place of plastic. We recognise that the global plastic issue is a shared responsibility and as a responsible business with almost 2,000 shops, we believe that small changes like these could make a big difference in helping to tackle problem plastics.

Proud to be Refill UK’s biggest UK partner

We’re proud to have launched our partnership with Refill UK nationwide, making us their biggest partner in the UK! As supporters of the Refill campaign, we are encouraging our customers to change their habits and top up their water bottles with us for free. For more information, click here: refill.org.uk.

Greggs Environmental Management System is certificated to the ISO 14001: 2015 standard

This certification means that we have the right systems and processes in place to support our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment, which is a key part of our social responsibility strategy.  It also helps us to prevent pollution (in accordance with our relevant policy statements).  We have both Carbon Reduction and Waste Management targets in place, which are published externally in our Annual Report, on our corporate website and shared internally with our colleagues.

The scope of our management system covers all activities, services and/or products either directly or indirectly carried out by Greggs.  The scope of our environmental management system is the Manufacture, Distribution and Retail of 'food on the go' products.  This includes all of our manufacturing sites (12), retail stores (1700) & distribution.

Our external auditors commented that “Greggs should be really proud of what they have achieved. It’s quite unusual for companies in their position to go for certification across their entire Company just because they believe ‘it is the right thing to do’ – a huge achievement and one which should not be under‑estimated.” 

Saving energy and water, and reducing waste

A number of our regional bakeries have photovoltaic panels on their roofs, which in 2019 generated 762,963 kWh of electricity.  We install energy-efficient LED bulbs in all new and refitted shops and our new self-service drinks fridges have doors to stop the cool air being lost. We have continued to invest in driver efficiency training for our delivery fleet and this, along with our telematics system which monitors driving performance, continues to improve fuel efficiencies. All of our manufacturing site waste is diverted from landfill and we strive to redistribute as much unsold food as we can from our shops through our Food Donation Programme. Every year we hold an Environment Week to engage all team members in the importance of saving energy and water, and reducing waste.  For full details of our scope 1 and 2 emissions, scope 1 and 2 emissions including breakdown of scope 1 emissions categories, and scope 3 emissions click here.

Carbon footprint

Our net carbon footprint for the 2019 financial year was 95,962 tonnes of carbon dioxide and equivalent gases (CO2e), with an intensity of 82.54 tonnes of CO2e per £million turnover. This represents a 17% improvement on our 2018 result. We are on course to achieve a 10% carbon reduction by 2020 and are currently scoping out longer-term targets and Climate Scenario Planning as part of our future sustainability strategy. We disclose our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the Carbon Disclosure Project on an annual basis and in 2019 achieved a C rating. In 2019 we were again accredited to hold the Carbon Trust Standard in recognition of our work on carbon efficiencies. More information about our emissions can be viewed here.

Carrier bag charge

We use the money raised by the carrier bag charge to support the important environmental initiatives delivered by both national organisations such as Keep Britain Tidy and Surfers Against Sewage as well as grass roots projects.For more information about the Carrier Bag Levy in England, Scotland and Wales, view our Company Documents section.