Farm Animal Welfare Strategy



Our aim is to develop and implement Greggs Farm Animal Welfare (FAW) standards which are consistent with our company values and provide the framework of ethical standards across our business.

Malcolm Copland, Commercial Director at Greggs said: “Our vision is to be a winning brand in the food-on-the-go market, whilst also being a responsible business. Farm Animal Welfare remains a priority for Greggs, being consistent with our values and ‘doing the right thing’ when it comes to ethical sourcing and avoiding the abuse or exploitation of animals.”

This includes all animal and fish species reared or caught for supply to us.  We started with primary sourced raw pork, raw beef, raw mutton, cooked chicken and whole/shell eggs which we will continue to focus upon. For 2016 milk, cream, liquid egg and wild caught Skipjack tuna have been added. Other ingredients will be covered according to the schedule in Table one. This is achieved through on-going supplier engagement by questionnaire, visits, audits and briefings on our requirements and approach to FAW.

We recognise that improving Farm Animal Welfare is a process and we will employ benchmarking against recognised schemes adopted by our industry to demonstrate our on-going commitment. We require that as a minimum, our raw materials will be from livestock and seafood reared or caught according to the requirements of EU and source country FAW legislation. Wherever possible, we will exceed these requirements.

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