We are committed to creating a great place to work…

…because if our people are happy, our customers are happy.

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Equality, diversity and inclusion

We are strong advocates of equality, diversity and inclusion and believe gender equality should be treated like any other business priority. The completion of the National Equality Standard sits as an objective on the front page of our business plan and we have a three-year strategy in place to achieve this. 

From a gender equality point of view, the plan involves supercharging the brilliant talent Greggs already has in the business through the delivery of our ‘Female Career Development Programme’ and we are proud of the fact that: 

  • Almost half of our management population is female.
  • One of the four most senior retail managers is female.
  • Of the eight Board posts, three are held by women.

In 2016, our Chief Executive Roger Whiteside demonstrated Greggs commitment to the gender equality agenda by  joining the Women’s Business Council.

Rewarding our colleagues

We pay all of our people more than the National Living Wage (not just those over the age of 25).  We share ten per cent of our profits with employees and in 2016, we shared a record £8.8 million as a result of our strong performance.

We invite our people to join the Greggs Share Incentive Plan, letting them reinvest their profit share into Greggs shares as well as an annual share save plan, allowing them to save money to buy Greggs shares at a discount.

Development and training

We have created a Career Pathways Programme to support the development and traning of our brilliant people.  We listen to our people and have developed channels for them to provide feedback including employee suggestion scheme 'Your Ideas Matter' and our annual Employee Opinion Survey.  We are proud that our Employee Opinion Survey engagement score has increased by five per cent over the last two years, which means 80% of our people feel connected to Greggs and committed to helping us achieve our goals.

We offer a Greggs Apprenticeship Programme which includes retail and engineering apprenticeship schemes, open to both current employees and external applicants between the ages of 16 and 23.

We keep our people safe by raising awareness of areas of risk and encouraging our teams to take these more seriously.  In 2016, we reduced reportable accidents in our reportable accidents in our retail and supply chain by more than five per cent.

Giving people a 'fresh start'

We believe in giving people a 'fresh start' and offer programmes to support ex-military, formerly long-term unemployed and ex-offenders.

We know the passion and energy for work that comes from people who are given an opportunity to kick-start their careers or to turn their lives around, and have programmes in place to recruit and train accordingly.  These programmes sit under the banner of 'Fresh Start'.

We provide training and work experience for people who are transitioning into work.  We deliver training sessions in prisons for people who are nearing the end of a sentence and we give work experience to those who demonstrate potential.  In 2016, more than 450 people benefitted from our 'Fresh Start' programme which has been recognised as an example of best practice by BITC, the Ministry of Justice and CBI.

If you would like any more information about our programmes, or find out how you could get a 'fresh start' with Greggs, please get in touch at: