Carbon footprint

Our net carbon footprint in the 2015 financial year was 124,776 tonnes of carbon dioxide and equivalent gases (CO2e), which represents an absolute reduction of seven per cent on our 2014 emissions, and a 10.7 per cent reduction in intensity (which we measure as tonnes of CO2e per £ million turnover).

We are pleased to report that we have achieved our 2010 ambition to reduce our emissions intensity by 25 per cent by 2015.  In the last year alone, we have reduced the energy intensity of our manufacturing operations by 4.94 per cent and retail operations by 2.63 per cent (calculated as kwh/£m turnover).

Our photovoltaic arrays, which are installed on the roofs of ten of our bakeries, generated 1,012, 696kWh or electricity in 2015, saving almost 468 tonnes of carbon.

In line with Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors' Report) Regulatinos 2013, we are reporting on our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as part of our annual Strategic Report.  We have reported on all of the emission sources which we deem ourselves to be responsible for.

Our GHG reporting year is the same as our financial year, 4 January 2015 to 2 January 2016.

    Current reporting year 2015 Tonnes of CO2e Comparison year 2014 Tonnes of CO2e
Scope 1 Combustion of fuel and operation of facilities 31,509 31,313
  Fugitive emissions from refrigeration 4,360 5,691
Scope 2 Electricity purchased for own use (including PV generated electricity) 89,375 97,919
GROSS emissions Total scope 1 and 2 CO2e emissions 125,244 134,923
NET emissions Total emissions excluding PV generated electricity 124,776 134,327
NET intensity measure Tonnes of  CO2e per £million of turnover adjusted to account for use of renewable energy 149.3 167.1

The methodology used to calculate our emissions is based on the UK Government's Environmental Reporting Guidance (2013) and emission factors from UK Government's GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting.

Our 2014 emissions were verified by the Carbon Trust and, in 2015, we were again accredited to hold the Carbon Trust Standard in recognition of our work on carbon efficiences.  Our 2015 emissions are currently being verified by the Carbon Trust.  In addition, we disclose our greenhouse gas emissions through the CDP.