Animal Welfare

We use meat, fish, eggs and dairy products in our recipes and take care to ensure that these are produced and delivered in a way that avoids abuse or exploitation of animals.  In 2015, we introduced the Greggs Farm Animal Welfare policy, a standard based on existing legislation and farm animal welfare certifications such as the RSPCA's Five Freedoms and the Red Tractor assurance scheme.  We have shared this policy with all our suppliers and will regularly review our work in the area.  Today, all the whole eggs we buy are free range and we are proud to have received the Good Egg award from Compassion in World Farming (CiWF) as a result.  Additionally, all our prawns are sourced from MSC certified sustainable sources, and we are working to make our tuna supplies free from fish aggregating devices (known as FADs).

The Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare is the leading global measure of company performance on farm animal welfare.  As a result of our Farm Animal Welfare policy and approach, Greggs moved from tier five to tier three in their six-tier benchmark.