Greggs Suppliers

Building Lasting Relationships

Building strong relationships with our suppliers is essential to deliverying our vision to become the customers favourite for food-on-the-go.   In line with the Greggs Responsible Sourcing Policy, we seek to work with suppliers who contribute to sustainable development and are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

To ensure that the interaction between Greggs and suppliers is efficient, we provide our suppliers the necessary tools via our SAP Ariba platform.


SAP Ariba is used for the following activities:


  • - New and ongoing Supplier Assessment and Approval
  • - Obtaining information from Suppliers
  • - Sourcing activities
  • - Supplier Performance Management
  • - Recording of contractual agreements


We do not use SAP Ariba for Purchase Orders and Invoicing.




Supplier Onboarding Process

Before we are able to establish any kind of relationship with your company, we will need you to provide details via the SAP Ariba portal.

You will firstly need to provide some basic information about your company. This will mean the company is a potential supplier to Greggs and the information will be held securely and easily accessible by colleagues at Greggs who will contact you if there are any opportunities they feel you could participate in.

If the Procurement team do wish to establish a trading relationship with your company you will be asked to provide further, more detailed information about the company and the goods and/or services the company provide. These responses will be assessed and if all Greggs standards are met then the company will move to become an approved supplier.

Once you are an approved supplier, the company will be expected to keep this information up to date at all times and as a minimum you will be asked to validate this information annually.


How to register your interest as a new Supplier


To register your interest as a new Supplier click here. You will be directed to the SAP Ariba portal to complete our Supplier Request form.

If you'd like to speak to someone at Greggs for support with the onboarding process or just a general Supplier query then please email


We've created some quick videos to help you through the onboarding process: