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Building strong relationships with our suppliers is essential to delivering our vision to become the customers favourite for food-on-the-go. In line with the Greggs Responsible Sourcing Policy, we strive to work with suppliers who contribute to sustainable development and are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

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Our goal is to create transparent and sustainable supply chains. We work with Suppliers in a way that is reflective of the Greggs Vision and Values. Effective communication and collaboration between Greggs and its Suppliers is primarily supported via the Greggs SAP Ariba Platform.

Supplier Principles, Sustainability & Ethical Standards

In accordance with the Greggs Responsible Sourcing Policy, we seek to work with contractors and suppliers who contribute to sustainable development and are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

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CIPS Corporate Ethics valid until March 2024

Our commitment to Sustainable & Ethical Sourcing

We are proud to hold the CIPS Corporate Ethics Mark, reinforcing greggs assurance to ethical sourcing and supplier management.  Greggs is committed to ensuring its staff are trained in ethical sourcing and supplier management, and that we have adopted ethical values in the way in which we source and manage supplier.

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New suppliers onboarding

Potential new suppliers to Greggs are able to register their interest by providing information via the SAP Ariba portal. Suppliers will firstly need to provide some basic information about the company, which will be held securely and easily accessible by colleagues at Greggs who will reach out with any opportunities they feel you could participate in.

If the procurement team do wish to establish a trading relationship, a request for further, more detailed information about the company and the goods and/or services will be sent. These responses will be assessed and if all Greggs standards are met then the company will progress to become an approved supplier.

Approved suppliers onboarding

As well as making sure all relevant standards are upheld and valid all approved suppliers are required to maintain information provided at the point of approval, as a minimum, on an annual basis.

Contracting with Greggs

All purchases are underwritten using Greggs standard terms and conditions unless otherwise agreed by a member of the procurement team.

How to register your interest as a new supplier

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You will be directed to the SAP Ariba portal to complete our ‘supplier request’ form.

If you’d like to register your interest in becoming a new supplier to Greggs, please click the below button and complete the request form. This will ensure that Greggs have your details saved within our Ariba portal.

Once you’ve submitted the form, there will be no further action required, therefore we request that you do not contacts Greggs to chase the request. Please be assured that once submitted and accepted, we will be in touch with you should an opportunity arise that we feel you would be suitable for.

If you'd like to speak to someone at Greggs for support with the on-boarding process or just a general supplier query then please email.

We've created some quick video guides to help you through the onboarding process:

Navigating my SAP Ariba account

Responding to the Greggs registration questionnaire

Responding to a Greggs qualification questionnaire

Supplier principles and standards

Here at Greggs, it is our duty to stand for more than just profit. We’ve always been committed to doing the right thing and having a positive impact on people’s lives and in 2021, we launched the Greggs Pledge which is all about how we can do more to help people, protect the planet, and work together with our partners to change the world for the better. When it comes to sourcing the ingredients we need to make our products, or the goods and services that enable us to run our business, sourcing sustainably means taking care that they are produced and delivered responsibly.

Download a PDF of our Responsible Sourcing Policy, Sustainable and ethical documents