Kelly Barrell and Malcolm Skinner from Marren present Greggs with a plaque of recognition. Five people smile at the camera in front of a Greggs shop.

Greggs x Marren

4 months ago
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At Greggs, as outlined in our annual sustainability report, The Greggs Pledge, we are committed to building shops of the future that prioritise sustainability and reduce our environmental impact. Our newly introduced Eco-Shop initiative serves as a testing ground for innovative solutions aimed at achieving tangible progress in our energy-saving journey. One such initiative that shows our commitment is the introduction of a new microwave model, which has revolutionised our soup production process. In addition to being 88% more efficient in heating our soup than previous methods, our microwaves boast a 100% longer lifespan compared to our previous models. And the good news story doesn’t stop there…

As a testament to our dedication to sustainability, we have partnered with Marren, our microwave supplier, to be part of their 'Buy One Get One Tree' scheme. Under this scheme, for each new microwave purchased, Marren generously donates £5 of the profits to the World Land Trust (WLT) to plant a tree on our behalf. This £5 contribution not only encompasses the cost of a sapling, but supports WLT’s local partners through the entire process of reforestation including gathering seeds, growing saplings in on-site nurseries, plot preparation, planting, protection and monitoring for three to four years to ensure the success of the new tree.

Making an Impact:

Since the inception of the 'Buy One Get One Tree' scheme, we have already seen remarkable results. Through Marren's contributions, 247 trees have been planted on our behalf. As they grow, these 247 trees sequester carbon dioxide helping to address climate change. We are immensely proud to be, contributing to reforestation efforts and the preservation of our planet's biodiversity.

Benefits of the 'Buy One Get One Tree' Scheme:

  1. Reduce Environmental Impact: By actively participating in the 'Buy One Get One Tree' scheme, we are working towards reducing our environmental impact. The trees planted on our behalf effectively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, mitigating climate change and promoting a healthier environment for all.

  2. Reforestation: The scheme contributes to reforestation efforts, helping to restore precious ecosystems that have been degraded or destroyed due to deforestation. Each tree planted helps to combat soil erosion, protect watersheds, and expand habitats for wildlife.

  3. Improve Biodiversity: Our support for tree planting initiatives enhances biodiversity by creating diverse habitats for flora and fauna. Trees are vital components of ecosystems, supporting various species and fostering a balanced ecological system.

Representatives Kelly Barrell and Malcolm Skinner from Marren visited Greggs House earlier this month to present us with a symbol of recognition for our significant and ongoing contributions to the scheme. This highlights our dedication to sustainable practices across our internal operations and supply chains, as we constantly review our processes to make them more energy efficient.

Together, we can create a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

To read more on our eco-shop and net-zero commitments, read THE GREGGS PLEDGE.